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In this 1 day Masterclass we talk about how to step into your own self love, and to use it for yourself and your loved ones, and how to feel it more.

Also with meditation and visualization helping us to feel it, feel it expand, and spread it in your entire body.

To feel complete, happier and more yourself.

To start from the place of your inner being, which is complete, aligned and in your truest self.

Can’t wait to see you there, and go on this journey with you.


Self Love I
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  • If your join for 01-03-2023-2023 12 pm, the price is 111 euro
  • After 01-02-2023 12 pm till 3 March 12 am, the price is 222 euro
  • After that the price is 333 euro
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The Masterclass of January

A 2 day Masterclass

Learn how to Make your Yearplan for 2023

How to come up with ideas

How to plan those

What kind of Teachings you can choose

How to with your excisting everygreens, coachings

And offcourse your most important free time

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