Womens Masterclass

How to use the Art of Allowing consciously to get back to your loveling and best Self

In this Masterclas, you will learn:

* What the law is

* How to use it

* Feel Yourself More as Yourself

* Allowing and Being Yourself

* Allowing to flow

* Seeing and feeling things changes

* Learning what co-operative components are


First step:

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If you register before 11-08-2023 11 pm Amsterdam time, you will pay

not 125 euro, but 77 euro.

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“Esther is a very sweet, warm woman who gives you the feeling that you can and can be yourself. She gives you the freedom and space to be who you really are. And that is so meaningful!”

“I am very grateful that I was allowed to participate in this workshop and that I was invited by Esther. It is definitely recommended if you want to develop yourself!”

“Thank you so much Esther. Can’t wait for more”

Another great oppertunity to feel better and working with the laws Offer_Grow your Spiritual Universal Garden Spring Edition

You are surrounded by a beautiful garden filled with springflowers.

The sun is shining on your face.

Birds singing in the background.

Overwhere you look you see new life.Seeds sprouting.Trees with blossom.New sapplings.

Surrounded by a new cycle of this beautiful spring.A new cycle of new beginnings.
A cycle of growth.
A cycle of possibility.

This Garden is your Dreamplace.To Visualize your creations in energyThe recurring ones and new ones.

In your Universal Garden you are using the Art of Allowing.
Allowing yourself to see your creations as this blooming garden.
Allowing the plants to follow their blueprint and bloom in their own time.
Allowing this energy to manifest what you have set away in energy in creation.
Allowing to be one with your Garden.
Allowing to be yourself in this loving energy
Like a evergreen pinetree, whick can stand for a annual serie of masterclasses you are giving, for example yoga for backpain from level 1 – 3.
Like a bed of colorful flowers who can be and stand for your clients, each sprouting at their own time and flowering in his own time and color.

In this Garden you are using the law of Attraction.
The stream of life is always there, and thus always flowing in our beings.

Energy matches energy, because we are made from energy and still energy.

This energy vibrates the same as you and sharing that energy with you.

Giving what we vibrate in energy and matter.

For example, what I had so many times, I am so happy, the sun shines on my face. Enhancing my mood even better, either a bird comes flying in and sits close to me. Even making me more happy. Or a cat finds me and wants to share her love. Once I had a day where I missed my old cat, and that weekend I saw seven cats show up.
In the Garden you are setting away energy in the form of plants and how you feel.

The energy you are is then matched an you will always see cooperative components show up, and later the manifestion from the universe.

In this Garden you can create things you feel happy, joyful, freedom, heartwishes, everything in a higg vibration.

You can feel at home there.

Being your complete self.

Your own place filled with joy.A place to have trust in the plants blueprint and your blueprint. Compound joy. Sharing the plant, trees, and flowers energy, being one.Enjoying your place of peace.

This morning when I was awake so early, it’s frustrating because it was to early to get up for my own comfort. So I was thinking, why not gettin in my own spiritual garden? So I did. Visualizing that I was laying on a daybed, which I created new for myself. Early in the morning. Birds singing softly. Cosy with a blanket. Created also a herbal bed. One of the herbs being lemon balm. Good for sleeping. I was adding plants and furniture which I loved. Making my garden even more me, and raising my vibration as a benefit. Allowing myself to be, and change my stage of being. Second then for benefits, the law of attraction is sending me the same. Frustrating in, more relaxed, more myself, content and more joyful out. Then I could choose again to get back to sleep again. I did not, I was so happy I got up after a warm cup of tea and my electric fireplace on. Even more getting happy. Good way to get up.

Even not kwowing how it works, this is a good dreamplace to be. Be in a good mood. Start the day in a loving way.If you know how it works, you can put it to work in real  life.Because the laws are already working, so why not intentionally.