Can you imagine to be in your own bliss, peace and loving self ?

Your Higher Self!

– Esther van der Wal –

Explaining the Higher Self

We all have a Higher Self 

It is part of being a complete human

We have our physical body

But we also have our energetic body, the energy around us

And we have our Higher Self

We call this the causal body

The causal body

Is situated at a higher level than our physical body

But still connected with your whole physical body

So this causal body is a higher body and still connected to your body

It is also in atmosphere where there is love and light

So your Higher Self is connected to:

The Light, the Devine Energy.

The Unity, the source of all that is, connected to everything.

Full of love, compassion with all the wisdom there is.

So with this Higher Self you can:

Have a clear overview over yourself in love and clarity.

Help yourself to overcame obstacles and beliefs in loving compassion for yourself.

Information meditation Higher Self

To connect with our Higher Self first we have to calm our mind down:

A different state of brainwave

We are now in our normal state

The brain neurons are on fire with firing neurons, high freq.

When you go in meditation your mind will slow down

The states are gamma to delta,

Delta is the slowest freq.

And we can use Alpha for meditation for example

In this state of mind we are able to connect to our Higher Self

We step into our causal body, our Higher Self


This meditation

First calm our mind

Clean our body of stress, anxiety, fear, depressed, chaos…

Next we receive loving energy from Source

Head: Purple, learning different thinking

Shoulders, arms, hands: Gold, acting with honesty

Upperchest, back and front: Pink, love for yourself, self-love

Lowerback, belly, pelvis: Blue, Confidence in yourself, self-confidence

Legs, feet: Green, green as the grass, standing secure on earth

Connect with earth and the highest light and then bind them in your solar plexus

We protect ourselves
Blanket: to keep your energy with you, can be any color

Round circle: boundary, color on the ground, you decide who you let in

Then step in Higher Self

Feel how this feels

Then think of situation you want help with

Experience what is needed, hear, feel, see

Then let your situation go and feel the love of this place, the compassion for you, the wisdom, everything there is, let it engulf you

Then end of meditation


When to do this meditation?

Best to do in morning, profits during the day

Or every time you need it, if you feel stress


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