Enhancing Expert Tools For You And Your Business_Membership

Enhance Yourself and Your Business

In Alignment

Expert Yourself and your Lovely Energy in your Business, as they are one.

Tools, exercises or techniques to help Yourself and for Your Business directly and use the same day. To be more alignment, and more connected to yourself and business. To enhance it, to be happier and more yourself. All as one.

Ïn my business every week I learn something new. I learn new life skills, I discover new tools, I learn how to things easier and better, I learn new exercises from others, and new tools.

Using these tools, exercises and techniques myself, I see, feel and experience what it does for Me or my Business. Also how I integrate it, and how it helps and enhances Me.

In Using it, Integrating it, it enhances my Expert skills. To make it more a Business, a Business where I feel Myself in, in a happier Me.

So why not share with other Women to enhance Yourself, and your Business.

Enriching Yourself and your Business

So of course standing in the shower, when I received this alignment. I was listening to Bob Proctor, and he was talking that millionaires have multiple source of incomes. I was not even thinking, and this idea shot into me. I knew and felt, that this felt as a high vibration for me.

Then I knew, I am offering this as a service from me to who feels it that it can help them, support them or enhance who you truly are. Servicing what I feel what vibrates high, and what came in alignment.

What I offer as my service is that I share every month tools, exercises or techniques that that helps you for Yourself or/and your Business. That can be things as, techniques to link your desire and journey to your program, so that live more in your program then giving it. Or a exercise that cleans your energy and replaces it with light or love. Or extracting tools from your own teachings, or life. Or being silent, and using that in your day meditation. Or….so much more value to share to support you on whatever journey you may be…

I am also sending these offers from alignment, feeling what may be, what I feel I may share is:

  • One tool, exercise, or technique a month
    • This with the explanation what kind of tool, exercise or technique, so you can do them for yourself. This is made clear with texts, or pictures or even from my own business.

This price is from 111 to 22 euro per month

  • Two tools, exercises, or techniques a month with a day of Voxer coaching in the group
    • One Extra Tool
    • And Extra day of Voxer coaching in the group every month. You can ask questions, and get ideas from the others, how you can use it for yourself.

This price is from 222 to 49 euro per month

  • Two tools, exercises, or techniques a month, with a private coaching to integrate it immediately into your life, 30 min coaching
    • Again the Extra tool, so two tools
    • And a Private coaching to integrate it (30 min)
    • The first month is free

The price is 555 to 111 euro per month

(Dollar rate is just about the same as euro)

You will receive it per email every month. The Voxer coachings are in Voxer in the group, and the Private coaching will be in Zoom or other coaching programs.

When you start this membership an 6 month period is required to take as a minimum, and then you can cancel every month. Via PayPal you can pay, and will receive later an link to pay every month.


How do you join?

Register here, with subject ‘Membership Tools, Excercises and Techniques’


Then you will receive an Paypal link, which you can pay.

After that every month you will receive an email with the info and details. or making an Voxer or Coaching appointment or date planning.


If you have questions, DM me or send me an email on the same email, add the subject that you have a question on “Tool membership question”.

If you refer to a woman who takes one of the offers, the month after will be free, or you can split it in both half price for one month.

I would love to welcome you, to become ourselves more, to best our truest selves, and our happier selves. See you on the other side, x Esther