You are in!

Love that you are joining us with other loving women.
We are going to learn how to channel Mary Magdalene

Feeling Warm and Supported in her love.

Feeling more Happy and Blessed

You can ask questions in what best advice is.

Learn how to set intentions

Learn how to invite her in, and loving join you

Or just sit in that loving energy, and meditate with Mary

She is welcoming you with love and light

See you on the 4th November at 4 pm Amsterdam time


What to do in preparation

_ Find a place in your house where it is the most silent

_ Bring a journal

_ Dress comfortable and warm

_ Bring a blankie

_ If you want to take it to the next level, set up a sacred place for yourself. 
This is the link


Youtube link for the 4th November

Next journey posibilities

Oppurtunity 1 Self love program

A loving warm winter program.
How to love yourself, and giving yourself support, love in your own warm loving being
Being more happy
Being more yourself
In these masterclasses we learn step by step to hear yourself more, feel yourself more in a loving bath of love

Pre sale for you is 111 usd, in the next 24 hours after I have given the 4th november masterclass
The sale for the rest 333, after that it will go up to 555 and then to 777 usd


Oppurtunity 2 Personal Coaching
In these coaching you can work where you want to go to in your journey.
If it is your spirituality or your spiritual business, or questions of what to do.

My normal rate is 125 usd, a sale in here is 99 usd per coaching.
If you do 3 coachings it is 288 usd.
If you do 6 coachings it is 550 usd.
If you do 10 coachings it is 850 usd

You can pay in different terms, ask me in which ones.


Oppurtunity 3: 3 day Workshop Channeling Mary Magdalene

Learning how to do it, in a safe environment, in a pure way, for every day life.
Making your own sacred place, working with intentions, gaining her wisdom and your own.
Feeling warm, happy, complete.

The pre sale is 111, after the 4th november masterclass
The sale for others is 333, and the price will go up to 777 usd.


Oppurtunity 4: Combined 2 package Workshap Channeling Mary Magdalene + Self love program

So the full price is 1554, the sale is 666, your pre sale is combined 222 usd, but I you get it now, within 24 hours after the 4th masterclass, it will be 200 usd for both.

DM me if you want an offer. Let me know as fast as your know it.

Love that you are there with me on my journey.

Love, Esther